"Dog Thief Down: Vietnam's Pet Lovers Fight Back" is a short GlobalPost documentary on a deadly phenomenon in Vietnam — pet-loving vigilantes beating (and often killing) criminals who steal pet dogs to supply dog meat restaurants.

Across the country, dog owners are tormented by violent gangs that steal pets and sell them to slaughterhouses. Dog meat is a pricey delicacy in Vietnam and snatching strangers’ pets is almost as lucrative as selling drugs.

The thieves are increasingly brazen. They’re armed with blades and tasers. They confront pet owners with a horrible choice: back down or risk death to save your dog.

But many Vietnamese are refusing to back down. In recent years, villagers have formed angry mobs to maim and kill dog snatchers. They even post their attacks on YouTube as a grisly warning to would-be thieves.

We travel to Vietnam to meet with dog thieves and their distraught victims. We encounter Viet Cong vets who’ve killed dog thieves without remorse. And we also find a young generation of animal lovers fighting to end the dog meat trade for good.

"Dog Thief Down" was filmed and edited by Mark Oltmanns, who also shot "Red Light Jihad: Thai Vice Under Attack"

Here's my long-form written piece on this phenomenon:

"But at last, they stood over their tormentors, and they were aching for revenge. Nearly 80 people, from gray-whiskered Viet Cong vets to young moms, joined in on the thrashing.

No one wanted to miss out on a cathartic kick to the skull. Before long, the thieves were motionless and blood puddled beneath their heads."

And here's "Eat, Prey, Love," my think piece on the complex ethics of eating dog.

"Thu the dog butcher can’t help but look like a B-movie villain. A half-smoked cigarette smolders between his lips. His boots are slick with canine blood.

Worst of all, he keeps prodding dogs with a homemade shock baton."