Photo of Hpakant jade mines in Myanmar by Minzayar Oo.

Photo of Hpakant jade mines in Myanmar by Minzayar Oo.

I'm Patrick Winn, a journalist and non-fiction storyteller.

I write, produce radio and make documentaries.

I'm based in Bangkok. My work is focused on Southeast Asia and tends to dwell on organized crime.

Other interests include pop culture phenomena, vigilantes, the aftermath of colonialism, street food and overlooked stories with a strong US angle.

I'm currently the Asia correspondent for Public Radio International. You can hear me on PRI's The World, a radio program co-produced by the BBC. It's a foreign affairs show heard by millions each week on NPR stations across America.

My work has also appeared in/on BBC Radio, NBC News, The Times of London and many other outlets.


U.S. RELEASE DATE: Sept. 9, 2018



Now out in the U.K., Australia, much of Asia and other countries worldwide



Inside the Meth Fiefdoms, Rebel Hideouts and Bomb-Scarred Party Towns of Southeast Asia.

Published by Icon Books in London.

Available worldwide.

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