Asia's Meth Wars

Patrick Winn and Mark Oltmanns travel to the heart of the world's largest meth trade: Myanmar's northern frontier, where narco-militias crank out more speed pills each year than Starbucks serves coffee orders worldwide.


Red Light Jihad

Patrick Winn and Mark Oltmanns document Asia's strangest party town: Sungai Golok, a red-light zone planted in the middle of a raging Islamic insurgency.


Hope Frozen (Trailer)

Hope Frozen is a feature-length documentary debuting in 2018.

The film is about a Buddhist scientist from Bangkok who decides to cryo-preserve his daughter’s brain. This child is now the youngest person ever to be undergo this procedure. Her head and brain currently rest in a cryonic chamber in the US. As scandal swirls around the girl’s family, they struggle to grieve a child that, in their view, is suspended between death and a future reawakening.

The film is directed by Pailin Wedel with Patrick Winn serving as co-creator.


Promise & Peril

Filmed across Myanmar during the year 2013, Promise & Peril captures a nation struggling to ascend from decades of totalitarian rule. Rebellious monks stand up to military untouchables. An opium war rages in the jungle. Children are slaving on the streets to survive. All the while, American diplomats claim to have midwifed a brighter era in Myanmar, hailed as the world's newest democracy.

Produced by Patrick Winn and filmed by Jonah M. Kessel of The New York Times.


Dog Thief Down

In Vietnam, pet lovers form vigilante squads to fend off armed gangs that steal dogs for profit.

Hosted by Patrick Winn and filmed by Mark Oltmanns.