I'm Patrick Winn, a journalist and documentary producer based in Southeast Asia. Much of my work focuses on black markets and crime.

I'm the Asia correspondent for PRI's The World, a radio show co-produced by the BBC. The show airs on NPR stations across the United States.

My work has appeared in/on the NBC News, The Atlantic, BBC and many other outlets. 

I won the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award — called the "poor man's Pulitzer" — for my reporting on turmoil in post-totalitarian Myanmar.

My most recent award-winning documentary is "Asia's Meth Wars," which exposes militias that produce pink methamphetamine pills. Our investigation reveals that Asia's billion-dollar meth trade isn't overseen by mere gangsters. Many of the key players are, in fact, armed groups controlled by Myanmar's notorious army.

I also hosted and produced "Dog Thief Down," which investigates a wave of killings in Vietnam pitting pet-loving vigilantes against criminals who steal dogs for the meat trade. The doc includes interviews with dog thieves, their victims and Viet Cong vets who've ambushed and killed criminals who abduct pets.

Another recent documentary, featured on NBC, is "Red Light Jihad." It explores the surreal sex tourism scene raging amid Asia's bloodiest insurgency. Filmed in the violent Thai-Malaysia borderlands, the doc focuses on a dodgy border town that tourism authorities don't like to talk about called Sungai Golok. It's a little bit Tijuana, a little bit Kabul.

In 2013 and 2015, I was named as a finalist for The Livingston Awards — the premier journalism award for reporters under 34 — for an investigation into slavery and casual murder on Southeast Asian fishing trawlers. Don't read it if you want to continue enjoying fish sticks.

I reported and produced a documentary ("Promise & Peril") on Myanmar's great glasnost with Jonah Kessel, a China-based videographer with the New York Times. The award-winning 30-minute doc reports on toxic mines, heroin-ravaged jungles and crumbling cities where child labor is obscenely common.

I write and produce video on all things Southeast Asia with an emphasis on Thailand and Myanmar / Burma. Primary interests include armed conflict, poverty, black markets, youth and pop culture trends, political phenomena and any story with a strong American angle.

I subject the Internet to my brain's scattered musings via this Twitter account: @pwinn5